Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time off ... to ponder

Kirl looked up and saw the clock tick once more. It always seemed to go slower near the end of a shift. Another sip of coffee once again proved the Imperial Army's lack of good talent.

A hiss of the door and a moment later, his relief walked into the room. Oddly enough the relief had the same demeanor that Kirl had when he relieved the previous shift. Boredom and the dread of Imperial coffee.

"It's all yours Sarge." Kirl muttered to the relief sergeant.

"Thanks Major. Anything new to report ?"

"Nothing that we don't know already Sarge. Watch out ... coffee is stronger than usual today."

"Noted. Thanks for the warning sir."

Kirl walked out of the control room and gathered his things. Stepping outside, he noticed a strong wind. Odd, he thought since nothing really pointed out on the data terminals earlier. Shrugging his shoulders, Kirl strolled to his favorite waterhole on the planet, Imperial Pride.

Kirl had nothing to go home to. The barracks were like any other in the galaxy that the Imperial Army provided. Most troops in the barracks were as bored and depressed as he was. Denophan was not a prime choice for Imperial service. The dying planet was a hot bed of Imperial might squeezing what it could out of production before it went supernova. On top of that every citizen here was nervously attempting secured passage off planet before the time was to come. But again the average citizen didn't have an exact time. This allowed for many corrupt citizens to take hard earned money from those whom just wanted off the planet. Sad thing was Kirl knew that his own hide might not have a jump off the planet either. Imperial soldiers were not the major concern of the Empire when technology and resources valuable to the Galactic Civil War effort were planetside.

All along the street other citizens were coming or going to their destinations. One could tell the happy ones apart from the ones enroute to work. Kirl was one of the happy ones. At least he could bury himself in the Imperial Pride till the Imperial curfew made all head towards home. Kirl liked Rogan and Otto, his co-owner if you will. It was easy to sit and not worry about the present and talk about the future.

Kirl enter the bar and waved to Rogan. Rogan nodded and adjusted his brown leather apron. Kirl knew it was the hold out blaster that caused him to adjust. It was not Kirl's place to question it and he was definitely not the one to report it. Kirl pulled up a bar stool and sat down.

"Tough day Major ?" Rogan asked as he slid Kirl his usual.

"Nah ... just sitting and starring at computer terminals all day. You ?"

Rogan motioned towards the stage area of the bar. Kirl turned and noticed white grids throughout the bar. Strange, he thought but interesting enough to spark conversation.

"Looking for a new interior designer Rogan?" Kirl smirked.

"Imperials put this grid system in the other night after I closed for evening. It prevents more than 10 people gathering in one area. If it exceeds 10, the grid turns red. If I don't clear it up in 5 minutes the Imperial security patrol comes and does it for me." Rogan growled as he cleaned the bar top.

"Not surprising Rogan, sorry that once again you got the shaft."

"Not your fault pal. No hard feelings. How goes the doomsday ticker?" Rogan leaned in closer to hear. Otto waved as he walked by but kept his ear open as well.

Kirl looked around and moved in closer. "Not sure. The data is steady but it has not pointed to an exact date. You find a secure ticket off this rock yet ?"

Rogan shook his head. "Not yet boss. Not yet. In due time."

Kirl swung his bar stool around to get a better look at the bar. The evening crowd was just coming in to settle for some liquid courage. The grids still white as the numbers stayed within the allowed limit. Citizens would find a way around such security features, it was a matter of time. No matter how hard Imperials cracked down citizens still got around the rules.

Kirl sat and sipped his Corellian Thunder. Somehow he felt like he hit the bottom of a sarlac pit.


  1. Good stuff! Lots of atmospheric background.

  2. Thanks .... it will be the back drop for the RPG group playing the SW game. Its a living blog so NPCs may or not make it depending on what happens on the table.

    Glad you enjoy it ...