Friday, July 10, 2009

Business as usual ...

Rogan looked up and realized that he was daydreaming once again. If it wasn't for the droid conductor checking on him he would have missed his stop.

"Don't forget your belongings. No pushing or shoving. Have a nice day." The conductor droid chimed at the passengers leaving the car. Not that anyone really listened to the droid's consent safety commands.

Rogan stepped out onto the train platform and looked around. Many different walks of life were coming and going to their daily assignments. Dock workers, computer specialist, miners and others all mingling into a citizen soup. An odd observation was that none of them were smiling or laughing. Imperial doctrine had everyone on a fairly scripted schedule. No time for fun or laughter.

Walking down main street, Rogan noticed a strong wind this morning. He could only guess at its reason but it was something he had no intention of pondering on. The spaceports near his bar seemed to have the normal traffic coming and going. "Good for business." Rogan smiled.

Imperial Pride was across the street from the space docks. Prime location for crews to rest and spend some hard earned credits. Two blocks over was the main shuttle train hub. Passengers didn't have to walk far for refreshment as well. Location was key to Rogan's business and he did get the choice of location. Imperials were decent about that part of the contract.

Swiping his data key Rogan walked inside and looked around. The bar went from pitch black to lights suddenly turning on in sequence and music starting to play. Whistling as he walked behind the bar Rogan smiled. It was nice to have the security sensors turn on lights and music as he entered. Imperial planet or not, safety was always important.

The small kitchen in back was humming with sanitation scrubbers and food processing. Otto was already at work once again. "Otto nevers sleeps in." Rogan muttered to himself.

Otto peered his head around the corner. "Hey Boss. Late night once again huh ?"

"Do you always think that I was up late Otto ?" Rogan moved swiftly to the coffee dispenser and hit the button for the large option.

"Nah. I know your always up late. You need to relax or get a hobby. This bar is not the only thing on this planet Boss." Otto chuckled and went back to getting the kitchen straight.

Rogan sipped a large gulp of sub par coffee. Otto was right. Bar owner was not a glorious path in the scheme of life. But what would he do? It wasn't like he was an academy type or scholar. He was happy to have something of his own even if the Imperials had a grip on it. Rogan walked to the stage area of the bar and cursed. White grids were throughout the bar, visible on the floor. Rogan turned back towards the kitchen. "Otto ! What did you do out here ?"

Otto peeked around the corner once again. "I did nothing. Those were here when I got in this morning. The bar data bank shows that Imperial customs stopped by and installed these loitering grids. Remember the restrictions regarding the number of citizens in a gathering? These grids glow white until that number is exceeded, then the grid turns red so you know that you need to break the fun up."

Rogan whistled. "Well, well. They think of everything. I wouldn't doubt these grids being linked to Imperial security." Looking up he smirked and could almost feel he was being watched. "Any cameras too Otto ?" Otto laughed. Rogan knew what he was thinking.

Well at least the Imperials didn't set his prices.

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