Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enter stage left .....

The cockpit was dark as space itself with exception of the control lights. Baxter Sallian looked over and saw nothing spectacular in the hyperspace computer. Shifting in his chair, Baxter adjusted his blaster holster. Times seemed to be getting rough. Since the rebellion's miracle shot which destroyed the Imperial Death Star, Imperial patrols appeared to be everywhere. More patrols meant more work both in space and at the spaceports. Legit work was hard enough to come across without the excess permits, docking fees and operating costs. In retrospect the legit work being stressed by new factors had increased clients looking to get around such restrictions. It was a never ending cycle verses moral right and wrong.

The hyperspace computer was luckily holding its own. Good in the sense that a new one would be worth more then the whole ship. Credits, unfortunately, Baxter did not have. The last job had drained his credits to fumes. Thank the force that the last corrupt custom agent didn't demand any more credits to go to his "generosity fund".

"Running out of options you space dog." Baxter muttered to himself. He just shook his head and wondered why in the name of the force he was heading to Denophan. The Empire had a very firm hold on the planet and its citizens. There was also news of the system's Sun turning into a supernova status. He was amazed how the Empire kept information regarding that from the citizens. No matter not his hide that was suck on that planet. Credits were for the taking and he felt this time his luck would catch up to him.

"Wonder what the food processor has on the dinner menu?" Baxter thought as he left the cockpit.

Author's thoughts

Hello fellow readers,

I am thinking of adding these thoughts at various times to see how my readers are feeling. I come to visualize this blog as a living, breathing story blog. At various times I will also throw a wrench or two into the mix and allow the readers to "choose your own adventure". I am sure you remember those titles .... interesting to say the least.

I have been using the 2nd edition Star Wars role playing source book Supernova for setting the backdrop of my characters. It made me think about starting a gaming group and allowing people's characters to get involved and be part of the living blog.

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone who may like to read it .... and as always feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Enjoy ....


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deceit .... for the citizens benefit

"Thanks for your time major." The cameraman shouted to Kirl as he ran out of the room to get the deadline met.

Kirl walked over to his desk and sat down. Three terminals chugged along as a stream of current data was incoming from the data probes. One terminal was showing previously recorded data as one kept up with current incoming data. The last terminal was the one he focused on the most. This terminal was the death sentence for the system. The screen was the doomsday clock constantly updating with data from the other terminals. If Denophon only realized that time was not on their side.

Any citizen could look to the sky and notice a sun that once shined bright yellow gradually turn red. Anyone could walk the streets and not argue that fact. The most important debate was when would the sun supernova? At one time there were massive fleets set aside to help evacuate the planet. That was before the Rebellion. Rebellion fears have caused the Imperials to worry about larger concerns raging the galaxy. Ships have now been pressed into patrol details. Those ships that were not patrol worthy were moved or scrapped in fears in rebels using them as weapons or sabotaging shipping lanes. The politicians keep reminding the population that plans are set and all will be evacuated.  Only fools would believe that or one whom is too busy with other things to listen to such follies.

Kirl decided that the terminals were depressing and walked over to the beverage dispenser. Water or coffee seemed to be the only choices.  "Go with what the Imperial army marches on" Kirl chuckled to himself and hit the brew button.  It was gonna be a long shift.

Friday, June 19, 2009

*** Imperial News Network ***

*** Special Imperial News Bulletin ***

Imperial Scientists are working full speed to verify recent findings of Denophon's supposed supernova status. Probes have been sent to collect data on all aspects of the sun. Although it is well known that the sun has developed into the supernova, it is unclear on the specific date of nova.

Kirl Poutin, head science officer for the Imperial Navy stationed in Denophon had this to comment.

"We feel that the sun has definitely developed into a supernova status. At this time we are collecting data to verify time of possible supernova. I do not feel it will be any time soon. All citizens should relax and not change any daily schedules till we have complete information."

Future bulletins will be announced when any important information is found.

Remember to be ever vigilent and report any suspusious activity to your local Imperial Security office.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunrise this morning ....

Light was barely announcing its arrival when the alarm went off. Rogan Sadow reached over and smacked the snooze button with a quick tap. Rolling over he glimpsed at the clock and let out a groan. Morning seemed to be arriving earlier and earlier each day. "No rest for the weary" he thought to himself as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and rubbing his head. Slowly raising himself to the bathroom was a chore to say the least. Stumbling over to the washing station he gazed into the mirror. "I need to get my act together or I will be long gone before 30." Well the cantina won't open itself and time was money, Rogan grabbed his keys and headed for the shuttle train.

Denophon was a strict planet. One would not visit for fun nor want to stay long. Imperial control was regimented just short of slavery. Strict guidelines controlled everything from work to entertainment. Every agent and Imperial military branch was present and only added to the hardships for anyone not included in the mighty Galactic Empire's realm of things.

Rogan walked up to the shuttle train stop and sat down. The shuttle train station was empty except for the Imperial Security patrols walking the decks looking for something to give reason to draw blasters. Citizens, a word not really giving truth to the situation, were kept on strict schedules. Schedules were posted on every infoboard at every station. A typical day would start at 0900 hours and end at 1800 hours. Free time was allowed at that time until 2300 hours. But even free time was observed with suspicion. Limits on how many could gather at one place at one time was limited to 10. To add to the frustration was the fact that Imperials were observing all at all times. Lucky for Rogan, he was the manager of Imperial Pride, local cantina. Sad thing Imperials were the only ones to give names to businesses. Fear of rebels recently have locked all down on this planet. The shuttle train arrived and hissed to a stop. Rogan entered and sat down in the first available seat. "Well at least the shuttle is always on time, thanks to the all mighty Emperor" Rogan thought to himself and let out a fake smile. Truth was Rogan didn't really have much to say good or bad about the Galactic Empire. They offered him the opportunity to run this cantina on this planet which was better than the spaceport he was working out of years ago. No start up cost and no money needed was the offer made so how could he pass it up ? Only catch was he didn't make the rules nor set the prices. Heck he didn't even have a say in the name of "his" establishment. The only thing that was guaranteed was the customers that were employed on this planet. The morning seemed promising, the sun was still in the sky.