Monday, January 3, 2011

Favors equal new bonds ...

The Spirit Nicole landed with little flair or commotion.  Landing bay robots swarmed to welcome the newest tenant.  Dust and heat combined in swirls as the hyperdrive settled down from entry.

Jax Star relaxed and stretched out in his chair.  Taking a deep breath and letting it out, he glanced over to his co-pilot Myles Stormryder.  Myles knew that look and smiled.

"Yes another easy landing by a excellent Captain ... " Myles sarcastically muttered.

"Jealous are we ?" Jax shot back.  "How about hitting the local watering hole and find some business ?"

The weather was hot and humid with a hue of red in the sky.  It was no secret of the supernova status of this doomed planet.  The only factor not known was when it would go supernova.  Walking out of the space port displayed the typical Imperial city design.  Blocks of buildings all similiar with no difference between them.  Myles pointed to the bar Imperial Pride.

"Good as any Boss."  Myles adjusted his belt.  "Besides, you owe me one."

"Sheeesh, one minor run in with some Hutts and you won't let it down." Jax muttered.

The two thirsty smugglers walked in to the bar and thru the weapons scanner.  One loud alarm produced Otto from behind the scanner computer terminal.  He reached out his hands and nodded. Myles looked to his Captain who in turn unholstered his weapon and handed it to Otto.  Myles did likewise.

The place seemed to have an average crowd.  The bar counter appeared to be available, with one bartender standing alone wiping down the bar.  Jax and Myles both sat down and pulled themselves to the bar.

"What can I get you boys ?" Rogan asked without looking up.

"Your most interesting and least expensive." Jax shot back.  Rogan broke out two shot glasses and filled them both with a red liquid.  Shortly after pouring the liquid, small storm clouds appeared above the drink with small yellow lightening shooting into the glass.

Without hestitating, both fringers took the shots and smiled.  Jax nodded over to Rogan and waved him over to the bar.  Rogan leaned in towards the fringers.  "What jobs may we find around here?"

Rogan glanced over the top of the fringers to make sure no unwanted eyes or ears were pointed in his direction.  "I got something in mind but its not time to speak of it.  Hang out till closing time and we can work out a contract."

Myles shot a look towards Jax.  Frowning but without missing a beat Jax leaned into the bar.  "Two more shots my friend.  All we got is time."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favors cause adventure

Rogan heard a noise behind him and whirled around.  Phoenix was standing there watching the group.  She moved over to Rogan and nudged him to the side.

"I got this boss.  We all know a doctor you aren't." Phoenix muttered as she opened the first aid kit.

Rogan smiled and shook his head.  Phoenix was a friend of sorts that fell into the group.  She was a skilled medic and good with repairs of all sorts, droids and starships mainly.  He needed to get her off the planet.  Her skills were well wasted on this planet, in this bar and especially on this doomed planet.

"Get some rest Baxter.  We will work on your situation tomorrow morning.  Nothing we can do tonight with the Imperial curfew getting ready to start." Rogan frowned.  This was unwanted heat on a planet with enough problems.  Baxter was a harmless bystander in a scenario that is only going to get worse.  People were getting desperate and now it seems five more citizens would not have to worry about a supernova.

Monday, June 7, 2010

** Urgent - Imperial Notification **

TO: Imperial Citizens of Denophon
FROM: Imperial Security 

Security Level of Information: General Public; Non Classified

RE: Recent Renegade Activities at Main Spaceport


Criminal activities at the Main Spaceport have placed all security levels at high alert till further investigation.  

Recent Crimes include:
  • 5 citizens murdered in Landing pad 3
  • 5 Imperial Security Officers shot and killed by unknown force
  • Breaking and Entering into Spaceport Maintenance offices
  • Severe spaceport damage in Landing pad 3 & 4 due to terrorist act.
All teams are on high alert.  Be vigilant.  Report any suspicious to your local Imperial Security Office.

Colonel Hyatt Logan

Imperial Security Forces, Denophon

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tumbleweed down the street .....

     The Imperial Pride was busy as usual.  Many patrons were return customers and wandered in and out as time moved towards the Imperial curfew.  Otto was working the door.  At the door was the Imperial weapon scanner that was installed as part of Rogan's buisness contract.

Rogan was working the main bar and wiping the bar top.  Scanning the crowd produced no findings or trouble or new customers.  Some noise caught his attention to the front door.  The weapon scanner turned red and Otto was searching a new customer by hand.  Weaponless, the newcomer approached the bar.

"What can I get for you ?" Rogan asked as he tossed the bar rag to the side.

"Whiskey, any galaxy will do" the newcomer smirked.  Rogan reached for the first whiskey bottle he saw.  One whiskey glass and a shove to the newcomer proceeded.  The newcomer took the glass and slammed the shot.  "Refill please bud" Rogan poured again.  This time Rogan noticed that the newcomer's hand was shaking slightly.

"If your twitching about the weapon scanner calling the Imps here, no need to worry.  I have connections.  Your blaster isn't on a high priority list." Rogan glanced to see the response.

"Thanks.  It helps but that isn't a major concern."  The newcomer looked around and leaned in close.  "You have a backroom I can borrow?"

Rogan looked the man over.  "For what?"

"Some healing and to lay low" the newcomer open his jacket to expose a blaster wound.

Rogan looked around quickly for any Imperial presence.  "Sheeesh buddy, heavy request for someone I don't know.  Spill it ...."

The newcomer looked around.  "I just landed recently and was jumped by some space scum looking to hijack my ship.  Blasters were pulled and I gave my answer to their request."

Rogan smirked.  Wrong ship to mess with.  People are getting desperate.  "How many?"

"Five." Rogan scanned the room once again.  "Any Imps?"

"None.  Not that I could tell.  It seemed they had limited skills but had a look of fear about it all.  A look of despair."  Rogan knew what the unfortunate space jackers had on their mind.  Survival.

Otto shot a glance to Rogan.  Rogan waved it off knowing Otto was checking the situation.  "Can you make it five more minutes ? We close shop in 5 minutes."

The newcomer looked down at his wound and nodded.  "One more shot and I will have no problem."  Rogan smiled and whisked another shot his way.  The shot followed the other two.

Every day is something new.  Rogan knew this from his experience as a business man and being around the galaxy a couple of times.  The newcomer seemed legit for now.  Information is power and this might be a good investment.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

At this point ....

Hello again from the author ...... or Joe, Mezz or Boo Boo if you prefer ....

A little author update at this point ...

Three characters have developed so far. Rogan Sadow, owner of Imperial Pride cantina. Major Kirl Poutin, Imperial Army Science Officer and Baxter Sallian, smuggler for hire and captain of the Eclipse.

Up to this point all characters are involved in some personal conflict. Baxter is in the need of money, Rogan is fearing a dead end to his career and Kirl is wondering if there is more in store for his future.

Let me know what you think or what questions you have. My friends and I are getting a RPG group started which will interact with this blog. No one is safe and characters can be killed off. I think this will add to the suspense as well as show the Star Wars universe is ever changing.

Enjoy .... and feel free to leave comments. It lets me know interest is there.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome mat not included ....

The food processor once again spat out items that a starving Wookie wouldn't eat. Baxter shoved the tray away and sipped some coffee from his mug. Maybe he could get a new food processor with his next job. Credits are more important usually but ones stomach needs satisfaction as well.

The hyperspace monitor alarm was chirping with the familiar arrival notice of a new system. Another jump that didn't end with the hyperdrive falling apart. Baxter strolled into the cockpit and sat down. The ship was pretty quiet since he was the only one on it. Credits were not available to pay a crew. No crew meant twice the amount of work Baxter had on his plate.

The planet of Denophon began to come to view. The planet was a pawn in a major holochess game. Unfortunately it was the suicidal pawn with no other option. Baxter was amazed that no chaos and confusion was not taking place according to his initial reports on the planet. Any good pilot makes sure he looks ahead before planting his feet planet side.

Baxter brought up the scanners and gazed at the scene for a landing spot. Baxter didn't really have a preference of locations. Any one of the major cities should guarantee credits and business. Studying the information on the screen, Baxter noticed the Capital city of Byrne. "Looks good." Baxter muttered and set course.

"Byrneport traffic control to incoming freighter. Please identify and state your business."

Baxter hit the comlink. "Byrneport traffic control, this is YT-1300 light freighter "Eclipse". Current course is set for Byrneport. No cargo onboard. We are looking for general work planet side." The comlink was silent. Baxter knew they were running his ship's name in the Imperial database. Nothing should come up.

"Eclipse, what is your freighter ID ?"

"YT-1300 Light Freighter Class. Serial number 87940731."

A slight pause and then a response. "Eclipse, you are cleared for landing at Byrneport. Please stay on course and follow the warning beacons. A TIE escort will assist you to the docking port. Planet conditions are harsh at this time. You are assigned landing bay 5. Be advised that all incoming ships are subjected to inspection."

"Understood." Baxter frowned. He knew that the Imperials would escort him to the landing port but no one said anything about inspections to his ship. He didn't have any cargo so why would the Imperials want to search? Oh well, not like they were going to find anything.

Baxter adjusted his speed to match the TIE fighter escort through the warning beacons. He could see why an escort was needed. Planet conditions were subpar at best and the cities had environmental domes to protect them from the changing weather conditions. Landing bay 5's tractor beam locked on to the Eclipse. The slight jar of the beam made Baxter uneasy. They had him in a spot which he couldn't run or fight. The TIEs made one sweep and headed back to escort the next ship.

Touch down went simple enough. Baxter began his shut down procedures and then proceeded to the hatch ramp. Hitting the controls created a series of beeps and hisses. The ramp slowly lowered and hit with a thud on the steel decking.

Baxter strolled to the end of the ramp and stopped. A group of 5 individuals were waiting at the ramp. The group looked serious enough but had weapons drawn for added effect. One individual stepped forward and nodded.

" I hope I clear the inspection. " Baxter motioned to the Eclipse.

" Oh, you do. It flies and that is all that matters. " the nameless leader smirked. With a simple wave of the hand, the others began to run towards the Eclipse.

" So much for simple landings. " Baxter muttered and hit the controls to close the hatch. One thing was for sure, no space scum were going to hijack his ship. Baxter took cover behind some cargo crates and drew his blaster. The others seeing this did the same as one felt brave and continued forward.

Baxter drew down on the first brave soul. " Here goes nothing. " A click of the trigger and a flash of red ....

Friday, July 24, 2009

2nd Ed. Character Sheet ... Major Kirl Poutin

The following is the character sheet for Major Kirl Poutin using Star Wars RPG 2nd rulebook and rules ....

Major Kirl Poutin

Template Type: Imperial Army Science Officer

Player: Author NPC

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 45 Human years

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200 lbs

Physical Description:
Kirl likes to stay fit since he sits at computers when on duty. Years of scouting new worlds have put some wear and tear on his body. He likes to show the younger soldiers how the "old man" can keep up. Gray hair mostly with some brown still present. Mustache with no beard.

Background: Major Kirl Poutin joined the Imperial Army at a young age to see the galaxy. Combat arms were not a major interest so he gravitated towards science. Planet systems and scouting new worlds seemed to always grab his attention. Assigned to numerous units throughout his service time he has been from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Personality: Kirl works well with others but can be withdrawn at times. He is quick to determine if things are worth further effort or not.

Objectives/Goals: At this point in his career, Kirl is not sure where he wants to go. His recent findings have put stress on him knowing what others do not.

"Imperial Army coffee would peel the paint off an AT-AT"


Dexterity: 3D
  • Blaster Pistols: 3D+1
  • Dodge: 3D+1
Knowledge: 3D
  • Bureaucracy: Demophon Systems - 4D
  • Planetary Systems: Demophon - 4D
Mechanical: 3D
  • Imperial Communications: 4D

Perception: 3D
  • Investigation: 3D+1
Strength: 3D

Technical: 3D
  • Droid Programming: Service droids - 3D+1
  • Droid Repair: Service droids - 3D+1
  • Computer Programming - 4D+1
  • Computer Repair - 4D+1

Movement per round:

Force Sensitive: No

Force Points: N/A

Dark Side Force Points: N/A

Character Points: None

Injuries: None

Special Abilities: None


Comm Link (Civilian)
  • Personal Frequency Only
  • Cost: 25 credits
Comm Link (Military)
  • Imperial Army Frequencies
  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Cost: 100 credits

Imperial Issued Blaster
  • Model: Blastech DL-18
  • Skill: Blaster, Blaster Pistol
  • Ranges: 3-10/30/120
  • Damage: 4D
  • Ammo: (100)
  • Cost: 500 (Power packs 25 credits a piece)