Thursday, August 13, 2009

At this point ....

Hello again from the author ...... or Joe, Mezz or Boo Boo if you prefer ....

A little author update at this point ...

Three characters have developed so far. Rogan Sadow, owner of Imperial Pride cantina. Major Kirl Poutin, Imperial Army Science Officer and Baxter Sallian, smuggler for hire and captain of the Eclipse.

Up to this point all characters are involved in some personal conflict. Baxter is in the need of money, Rogan is fearing a dead end to his career and Kirl is wondering if there is more in store for his future.

Let me know what you think or what questions you have. My friends and I are getting a RPG group started which will interact with this blog. No one is safe and characters can be killed off. I think this will add to the suspense as well as show the Star Wars universe is ever changing.

Enjoy .... and feel free to leave comments. It lets me know interest is there.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome mat not included ....

The food processor once again spat out items that a starving Wookie wouldn't eat. Baxter shoved the tray away and sipped some coffee from his mug. Maybe he could get a new food processor with his next job. Credits are more important usually but ones stomach needs satisfaction as well.

The hyperspace monitor alarm was chirping with the familiar arrival notice of a new system. Another jump that didn't end with the hyperdrive falling apart. Baxter strolled into the cockpit and sat down. The ship was pretty quiet since he was the only one on it. Credits were not available to pay a crew. No crew meant twice the amount of work Baxter had on his plate.

The planet of Denophon began to come to view. The planet was a pawn in a major holochess game. Unfortunately it was the suicidal pawn with no other option. Baxter was amazed that no chaos and confusion was not taking place according to his initial reports on the planet. Any good pilot makes sure he looks ahead before planting his feet planet side.

Baxter brought up the scanners and gazed at the scene for a landing spot. Baxter didn't really have a preference of locations. Any one of the major cities should guarantee credits and business. Studying the information on the screen, Baxter noticed the Capital city of Byrne. "Looks good." Baxter muttered and set course.

"Byrneport traffic control to incoming freighter. Please identify and state your business."

Baxter hit the comlink. "Byrneport traffic control, this is YT-1300 light freighter "Eclipse". Current course is set for Byrneport. No cargo onboard. We are looking for general work planet side." The comlink was silent. Baxter knew they were running his ship's name in the Imperial database. Nothing should come up.

"Eclipse, what is your freighter ID ?"

"YT-1300 Light Freighter Class. Serial number 87940731."

A slight pause and then a response. "Eclipse, you are cleared for landing at Byrneport. Please stay on course and follow the warning beacons. A TIE escort will assist you to the docking port. Planet conditions are harsh at this time. You are assigned landing bay 5. Be advised that all incoming ships are subjected to inspection."

"Understood." Baxter frowned. He knew that the Imperials would escort him to the landing port but no one said anything about inspections to his ship. He didn't have any cargo so why would the Imperials want to search? Oh well, not like they were going to find anything.

Baxter adjusted his speed to match the TIE fighter escort through the warning beacons. He could see why an escort was needed. Planet conditions were subpar at best and the cities had environmental domes to protect them from the changing weather conditions. Landing bay 5's tractor beam locked on to the Eclipse. The slight jar of the beam made Baxter uneasy. They had him in a spot which he couldn't run or fight. The TIEs made one sweep and headed back to escort the next ship.

Touch down went simple enough. Baxter began his shut down procedures and then proceeded to the hatch ramp. Hitting the controls created a series of beeps and hisses. The ramp slowly lowered and hit with a thud on the steel decking.

Baxter strolled to the end of the ramp and stopped. A group of 5 individuals were waiting at the ramp. The group looked serious enough but had weapons drawn for added effect. One individual stepped forward and nodded.

" I hope I clear the inspection. " Baxter motioned to the Eclipse.

" Oh, you do. It flies and that is all that matters. " the nameless leader smirked. With a simple wave of the hand, the others began to run towards the Eclipse.

" So much for simple landings. " Baxter muttered and hit the controls to close the hatch. One thing was for sure, no space scum were going to hijack his ship. Baxter took cover behind some cargo crates and drew his blaster. The others seeing this did the same as one felt brave and continued forward.

Baxter drew down on the first brave soul. " Here goes nothing. " A click of the trigger and a flash of red ....

Friday, July 24, 2009

2nd Ed. Character Sheet ... Major Kirl Poutin

The following is the character sheet for Major Kirl Poutin using Star Wars RPG 2nd rulebook and rules ....

Major Kirl Poutin

Template Type: Imperial Army Science Officer

Player: Author NPC

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 45 Human years

Height: 6'0

Weight: 200 lbs

Physical Description:
Kirl likes to stay fit since he sits at computers when on duty. Years of scouting new worlds have put some wear and tear on his body. He likes to show the younger soldiers how the "old man" can keep up. Gray hair mostly with some brown still present. Mustache with no beard.

Background: Major Kirl Poutin joined the Imperial Army at a young age to see the galaxy. Combat arms were not a major interest so he gravitated towards science. Planet systems and scouting new worlds seemed to always grab his attention. Assigned to numerous units throughout his service time he has been from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Personality: Kirl works well with others but can be withdrawn at times. He is quick to determine if things are worth further effort or not.

Objectives/Goals: At this point in his career, Kirl is not sure where he wants to go. His recent findings have put stress on him knowing what others do not.

"Imperial Army coffee would peel the paint off an AT-AT"


Dexterity: 3D
  • Blaster Pistols: 3D+1
  • Dodge: 3D+1
Knowledge: 3D
  • Bureaucracy: Demophon Systems - 4D
  • Planetary Systems: Demophon - 4D
Mechanical: 3D
  • Imperial Communications: 4D

Perception: 3D
  • Investigation: 3D+1
Strength: 3D

Technical: 3D
  • Droid Programming: Service droids - 3D+1
  • Droid Repair: Service droids - 3D+1
  • Computer Programming - 4D+1
  • Computer Repair - 4D+1

Movement per round:

Force Sensitive: No

Force Points: N/A

Dark Side Force Points: N/A

Character Points: None

Injuries: None

Special Abilities: None


Comm Link (Civilian)
  • Personal Frequency Only
  • Cost: 25 credits
Comm Link (Military)
  • Imperial Army Frequencies
  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Cost: 100 credits

Imperial Issued Blaster
  • Model: Blastech DL-18
  • Skill: Blaster, Blaster Pistol
  • Ranges: 3-10/30/120
  • Damage: 4D
  • Ammo: (100)
  • Cost: 500 (Power packs 25 credits a piece)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time off ... to ponder

Kirl looked up and saw the clock tick once more. It always seemed to go slower near the end of a shift. Another sip of coffee once again proved the Imperial Army's lack of good talent.

A hiss of the door and a moment later, his relief walked into the room. Oddly enough the relief had the same demeanor that Kirl had when he relieved the previous shift. Boredom and the dread of Imperial coffee.

"It's all yours Sarge." Kirl muttered to the relief sergeant.

"Thanks Major. Anything new to report ?"

"Nothing that we don't know already Sarge. Watch out ... coffee is stronger than usual today."

"Noted. Thanks for the warning sir."

Kirl walked out of the control room and gathered his things. Stepping outside, he noticed a strong wind. Odd, he thought since nothing really pointed out on the data terminals earlier. Shrugging his shoulders, Kirl strolled to his favorite waterhole on the planet, Imperial Pride.

Kirl had nothing to go home to. The barracks were like any other in the galaxy that the Imperial Army provided. Most troops in the barracks were as bored and depressed as he was. Denophan was not a prime choice for Imperial service. The dying planet was a hot bed of Imperial might squeezing what it could out of production before it went supernova. On top of that every citizen here was nervously attempting secured passage off planet before the time was to come. But again the average citizen didn't have an exact time. This allowed for many corrupt citizens to take hard earned money from those whom just wanted off the planet. Sad thing was Kirl knew that his own hide might not have a jump off the planet either. Imperial soldiers were not the major concern of the Empire when technology and resources valuable to the Galactic Civil War effort were planetside.

All along the street other citizens were coming or going to their destinations. One could tell the happy ones apart from the ones enroute to work. Kirl was one of the happy ones. At least he could bury himself in the Imperial Pride till the Imperial curfew made all head towards home. Kirl liked Rogan and Otto, his co-owner if you will. It was easy to sit and not worry about the present and talk about the future.

Kirl enter the bar and waved to Rogan. Rogan nodded and adjusted his brown leather apron. Kirl knew it was the hold out blaster that caused him to adjust. It was not Kirl's place to question it and he was definitely not the one to report it. Kirl pulled up a bar stool and sat down.

"Tough day Major ?" Rogan asked as he slid Kirl his usual.

"Nah ... just sitting and starring at computer terminals all day. You ?"

Rogan motioned towards the stage area of the bar. Kirl turned and noticed white grids throughout the bar. Strange, he thought but interesting enough to spark conversation.

"Looking for a new interior designer Rogan?" Kirl smirked.

"Imperials put this grid system in the other night after I closed for evening. It prevents more than 10 people gathering in one area. If it exceeds 10, the grid turns red. If I don't clear it up in 5 minutes the Imperial security patrol comes and does it for me." Rogan growled as he cleaned the bar top.

"Not surprising Rogan, sorry that once again you got the shaft."

"Not your fault pal. No hard feelings. How goes the doomsday ticker?" Rogan leaned in closer to hear. Otto waved as he walked by but kept his ear open as well.

Kirl looked around and moved in closer. "Not sure. The data is steady but it has not pointed to an exact date. You find a secure ticket off this rock yet ?"

Rogan shook his head. "Not yet boss. Not yet. In due time."

Kirl swung his bar stool around to get a better look at the bar. The evening crowd was just coming in to settle for some liquid courage. The grids still white as the numbers stayed within the allowed limit. Citizens would find a way around such security features, it was a matter of time. No matter how hard Imperials cracked down citizens still got around the rules.

Kirl sat and sipped his Corellian Thunder. Somehow he felt like he hit the bottom of a sarlac pit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd Ed. Character Sheet ... Rogan Sadow

The following is the character sheet for Rogan Sadow using 2nd edition rules and rulebook ....

Name: Rogan Sadow

Template Type: Citizen of the Imperial Empire, Cantina Owner

Player: Author NPC

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 33 Human years

Height: 5' 10

Weight: 185 lbs

Physical Description:
Nothing spectacular as far as flashy clothes, although when working his brown leather apron is a usual piece of his attire. Although Imperial code does not allow citizens on Denophan to have blasters; Rogan has been in the business long enough to know better to be unarmed. Brown hair, brown eyes with no major physical characteristics. More of a thinker than man of action, Rogan will think and plan his actions instead of jumping into a situation blind.

Background: Rogan has been trying to develop a decent cantina for years. He has lost count of the numerous systems and planets he has set foot on. The Galactic Civil War has been a major drain on any attempts for a clean, decent cantina being run without the threat of damage or worse. His last cantina was aboard a freighter named No Hope. While in dock on a no named space station it was an Imperial Trades Agent, named Oyo Firme who recruited Rogan to the planet Denophan.

Personality: Open to conversation and loves a good discussion with anyone who will listen. Rogan loves to read and learn new things. He is quick to admit if he does not know the answer but will be the first one to dedicating himself to find the answer.

Objectives/Goals: To finally call a place home and settle down. Open to new things can be possible if things work to his way.

"I am not a smart man but I know that is not the smartest thing to do."


Dexterity: 2D
  • Blasters: 2D+1
  • Hold Out Blasters: 3D
  • Dodge: 2D+2
Knowledge: 4D
  • Alien Species: 4D+1
  • Languages: 4D+2
Mechanical: 2D

Perception: 3D
  • Bargain: 4D
  • Con: 3D+1
  • Forgery: 3D+1
  • Investigation: 3D+1
  • Persuasion: 3D+1
Strength: 3D
  • Cantina Brawling: 4D
Technical: 3D
  • Droid Programming: Service droids - 4D+1
  • Droid Repair: Service droids - 4D+1

Movement per round:

Force Sensitive: No

Force Points: N/A

Dark Side Force Points: N/A

Character Points: None

Injuries: None

Special Abilities: None


Comm Link (Civilian)
  • Personal Frequency Only
  • Cost: 25 credits
  • Cost: 100 credits

Hold Out Blaster
  • Model: Merr-Sonn Munitions Q2 Hold Out Blaster
  • Skill: Blaster, Hold Out Blaster
  • Ranges: 3-4/8/12
  • Damage: 3D
  • Ammo: (6)
  • Cost: 275 (Power packs 25 credits a piece)
  • Skill: Knife, Melee combat
  • Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Damage: STR+1D (maximum of 6D)
  • Cost: 25 credits

Friday, July 10, 2009

Business as usual ...

Rogan looked up and realized that he was daydreaming once again. If it wasn't for the droid conductor checking on him he would have missed his stop.

"Don't forget your belongings. No pushing or shoving. Have a nice day." The conductor droid chimed at the passengers leaving the car. Not that anyone really listened to the droid's consent safety commands.

Rogan stepped out onto the train platform and looked around. Many different walks of life were coming and going to their daily assignments. Dock workers, computer specialist, miners and others all mingling into a citizen soup. An odd observation was that none of them were smiling or laughing. Imperial doctrine had everyone on a fairly scripted schedule. No time for fun or laughter.

Walking down main street, Rogan noticed a strong wind this morning. He could only guess at its reason but it was something he had no intention of pondering on. The spaceports near his bar seemed to have the normal traffic coming and going. "Good for business." Rogan smiled.

Imperial Pride was across the street from the space docks. Prime location for crews to rest and spend some hard earned credits. Two blocks over was the main shuttle train hub. Passengers didn't have to walk far for refreshment as well. Location was key to Rogan's business and he did get the choice of location. Imperials were decent about that part of the contract.

Swiping his data key Rogan walked inside and looked around. The bar went from pitch black to lights suddenly turning on in sequence and music starting to play. Whistling as he walked behind the bar Rogan smiled. It was nice to have the security sensors turn on lights and music as he entered. Imperial planet or not, safety was always important.

The small kitchen in back was humming with sanitation scrubbers and food processing. Otto was already at work once again. "Otto nevers sleeps in." Rogan muttered to himself.

Otto peered his head around the corner. "Hey Boss. Late night once again huh ?"

"Do you always think that I was up late Otto ?" Rogan moved swiftly to the coffee dispenser and hit the button for the large option.

"Nah. I know your always up late. You need to relax or get a hobby. This bar is not the only thing on this planet Boss." Otto chuckled and went back to getting the kitchen straight.

Rogan sipped a large gulp of sub par coffee. Otto was right. Bar owner was not a glorious path in the scheme of life. But what would he do? It wasn't like he was an academy type or scholar. He was happy to have something of his own even if the Imperials had a grip on it. Rogan walked to the stage area of the bar and cursed. White grids were throughout the bar, visible on the floor. Rogan turned back towards the kitchen. "Otto ! What did you do out here ?"

Otto peeked around the corner once again. "I did nothing. Those were here when I got in this morning. The bar data bank shows that Imperial customs stopped by and installed these loitering grids. Remember the restrictions regarding the number of citizens in a gathering? These grids glow white until that number is exceeded, then the grid turns red so you know that you need to break the fun up."

Rogan whistled. "Well, well. They think of everything. I wouldn't doubt these grids being linked to Imperial security." Looking up he smirked and could almost feel he was being watched. "Any cameras too Otto ?" Otto laughed. Rogan knew what he was thinking.

Well at least the Imperials didn't set his prices.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Enter stage left .....

The cockpit was dark as space itself with exception of the control lights. Baxter Sallian looked over and saw nothing spectacular in the hyperspace computer. Shifting in his chair, Baxter adjusted his blaster holster. Times seemed to be getting rough. Since the rebellion's miracle shot which destroyed the Imperial Death Star, Imperial patrols appeared to be everywhere. More patrols meant more work both in space and at the spaceports. Legit work was hard enough to come across without the excess permits, docking fees and operating costs. In retrospect the legit work being stressed by new factors had increased clients looking to get around such restrictions. It was a never ending cycle verses moral right and wrong.

The hyperspace computer was luckily holding its own. Good in the sense that a new one would be worth more then the whole ship. Credits, unfortunately, Baxter did not have. The last job had drained his credits to fumes. Thank the force that the last corrupt custom agent didn't demand any more credits to go to his "generosity fund".

"Running out of options you space dog." Baxter muttered to himself. He just shook his head and wondered why in the name of the force he was heading to Denophan. The Empire had a very firm hold on the planet and its citizens. There was also news of the system's Sun turning into a supernova status. He was amazed how the Empire kept information regarding that from the citizens. No matter not his hide that was suck on that planet. Credits were for the taking and he felt this time his luck would catch up to him.

"Wonder what the food processor has on the dinner menu?" Baxter thought as he left the cockpit.

Author's thoughts

Hello fellow readers,

I am thinking of adding these thoughts at various times to see how my readers are feeling. I come to visualize this blog as a living, breathing story blog. At various times I will also throw a wrench or two into the mix and allow the readers to "choose your own adventure". I am sure you remember those titles .... interesting to say the least.

I have been using the 2nd edition Star Wars role playing source book Supernova for setting the backdrop of my characters. It made me think about starting a gaming group and allowing people's characters to get involved and be part of the living blog.

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone who may like to read it .... and as always feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Enjoy ....


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deceit .... for the citizens benefit

"Thanks for your time major." The cameraman shouted to Kirl as he ran out of the room to get the deadline met.

Kirl walked over to his desk and sat down. Three terminals chugged along as a stream of current data was incoming from the data probes. One terminal was showing previously recorded data as one kept up with current incoming data. The last terminal was the one he focused on the most. This terminal was the death sentence for the system. The screen was the doomsday clock constantly updating with data from the other terminals. If Denophon only realized that time was not on their side.

Any citizen could look to the sky and notice a sun that once shined bright yellow gradually turn red. Anyone could walk the streets and not argue that fact. The most important debate was when would the sun supernova? At one time there were massive fleets set aside to help evacuate the planet. That was before the Rebellion. Rebellion fears have caused the Imperials to worry about larger concerns raging the galaxy. Ships have now been pressed into patrol details. Those ships that were not patrol worthy were moved or scrapped in fears in rebels using them as weapons or sabotaging shipping lanes. The politicians keep reminding the population that plans are set and all will be evacuated.  Only fools would believe that or one whom is too busy with other things to listen to such follies.

Kirl decided that the terminals were depressing and walked over to the beverage dispenser. Water or coffee seemed to be the only choices.  "Go with what the Imperial army marches on" Kirl chuckled to himself and hit the brew button.  It was gonna be a long shift.

Friday, June 19, 2009

*** Imperial News Network ***

*** Special Imperial News Bulletin ***

Imperial Scientists are working full speed to verify recent findings of Denophon's supposed supernova status. Probes have been sent to collect data on all aspects of the sun. Although it is well known that the sun has developed into the supernova, it is unclear on the specific date of nova.

Kirl Poutin, head science officer for the Imperial Navy stationed in Denophon had this to comment.

"We feel that the sun has definitely developed into a supernova status. At this time we are collecting data to verify time of possible supernova. I do not feel it will be any time soon. All citizens should relax and not change any daily schedules till we have complete information."

Future bulletins will be announced when any important information is found.

Remember to be ever vigilent and report any suspusious activity to your local Imperial Security office.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunrise this morning ....

Light was barely announcing its arrival when the alarm went off. Rogan Sadow reached over and smacked the snooze button with a quick tap. Rolling over he glimpsed at the clock and let out a groan. Morning seemed to be arriving earlier and earlier each day. "No rest for the weary" he thought to himself as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and rubbing his head. Slowly raising himself to the bathroom was a chore to say the least. Stumbling over to the washing station he gazed into the mirror. "I need to get my act together or I will be long gone before 30." Well the cantina won't open itself and time was money, Rogan grabbed his keys and headed for the shuttle train.

Denophon was a strict planet. One would not visit for fun nor want to stay long. Imperial control was regimented just short of slavery. Strict guidelines controlled everything from work to entertainment. Every agent and Imperial military branch was present and only added to the hardships for anyone not included in the mighty Galactic Empire's realm of things.

Rogan walked up to the shuttle train stop and sat down. The shuttle train station was empty except for the Imperial Security patrols walking the decks looking for something to give reason to draw blasters. Citizens, a word not really giving truth to the situation, were kept on strict schedules. Schedules were posted on every infoboard at every station. A typical day would start at 0900 hours and end at 1800 hours. Free time was allowed at that time until 2300 hours. But even free time was observed with suspicion. Limits on how many could gather at one place at one time was limited to 10. To add to the frustration was the fact that Imperials were observing all at all times. Lucky for Rogan, he was the manager of Imperial Pride, local cantina. Sad thing Imperials were the only ones to give names to businesses. Fear of rebels recently have locked all down on this planet. The shuttle train arrived and hissed to a stop. Rogan entered and sat down in the first available seat. "Well at least the shuttle is always on time, thanks to the all mighty Emperor" Rogan thought to himself and let out a fake smile. Truth was Rogan didn't really have much to say good or bad about the Galactic Empire. They offered him the opportunity to run this cantina on this planet which was better than the spaceport he was working out of years ago. No start up cost and no money needed was the offer made so how could he pass it up ? Only catch was he didn't make the rules nor set the prices. Heck he didn't even have a say in the name of "his" establishment. The only thing that was guaranteed was the customers that were employed on this planet. The morning seemed promising, the sun was still in the sky.