Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favors cause adventure

Rogan heard a noise behind him and whirled around.  Phoenix was standing there watching the group.  She moved over to Rogan and nudged him to the side.

"I got this boss.  We all know a doctor you aren't." Phoenix muttered as she opened the first aid kit.

Rogan smiled and shook his head.  Phoenix was a friend of sorts that fell into the group.  She was a skilled medic and good with repairs of all sorts, droids and starships mainly.  He needed to get her off the planet.  Her skills were well wasted on this planet, in this bar and especially on this doomed planet.

"Get some rest Baxter.  We will work on your situation tomorrow morning.  Nothing we can do tonight with the Imperial curfew getting ready to start." Rogan frowned.  This was unwanted heat on a planet with enough problems.  Baxter was a harmless bystander in a scenario that is only going to get worse.  People were getting desperate and now it seems five more citizens would not have to worry about a supernova.

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