Monday, January 3, 2011

Favors equal new bonds ...

The Spirit Nicole landed with little flair or commotion.  Landing bay robots swarmed to welcome the newest tenant.  Dust and heat combined in swirls as the hyperdrive settled down from entry.

Jax Star relaxed and stretched out in his chair.  Taking a deep breath and letting it out, he glanced over to his co-pilot Myles Stormryder.  Myles knew that look and smiled.

"Yes another easy landing by a excellent Captain ... " Myles sarcastically muttered.

"Jealous are we ?" Jax shot back.  "How about hitting the local watering hole and find some business ?"

The weather was hot and humid with a hue of red in the sky.  It was no secret of the supernova status of this doomed planet.  The only factor not known was when it would go supernova.  Walking out of the space port displayed the typical Imperial city design.  Blocks of buildings all similiar with no difference between them.  Myles pointed to the bar Imperial Pride.

"Good as any Boss."  Myles adjusted his belt.  "Besides, you owe me one."

"Sheeesh, one minor run in with some Hutts and you won't let it down." Jax muttered.

The two thirsty smugglers walked in to the bar and thru the weapons scanner.  One loud alarm produced Otto from behind the scanner computer terminal.  He reached out his hands and nodded. Myles looked to his Captain who in turn unholstered his weapon and handed it to Otto.  Myles did likewise.

The place seemed to have an average crowd.  The bar counter appeared to be available, with one bartender standing alone wiping down the bar.  Jax and Myles both sat down and pulled themselves to the bar.

"What can I get you boys ?" Rogan asked without looking up.

"Your most interesting and least expensive." Jax shot back.  Rogan broke out two shot glasses and filled them both with a red liquid.  Shortly after pouring the liquid, small storm clouds appeared above the drink with small yellow lightening shooting into the glass.

Without hestitating, both fringers took the shots and smiled.  Jax nodded over to Rogan and waved him over to the bar.  Rogan leaned in towards the fringers.  "What jobs may we find around here?"

Rogan glanced over the top of the fringers to make sure no unwanted eyes or ears were pointed in his direction.  "I got something in mind but its not time to speak of it.  Hang out till closing time and we can work out a contract."

Myles shot a look towards Jax.  Frowning but without missing a beat Jax leaned into the bar.  "Two more shots my friend.  All we got is time."

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