Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Author's thoughts

Hello fellow readers,

I am thinking of adding these thoughts at various times to see how my readers are feeling. I come to visualize this blog as a living, breathing story blog. At various times I will also throw a wrench or two into the mix and allow the readers to "choose your own adventure". I am sure you remember those titles .... interesting to say the least.

I have been using the 2nd edition Star Wars role playing source book Supernova for setting the backdrop of my characters. It made me think about starting a gaming group and allowing people's characters to get involved and be part of the living blog.

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone who may like to read it .... and as always feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Enjoy ....



  1. BTW ..... if your interested I need an email address and names ..... since that would make sense to be able to communicate ....

  2. Very interesting concept you've got going here. Kind of a group writing effort? Definitely makes the story a very organic/chaotic process. I just know from working with Sheri how challenging that can be. Seems you've nailed down some common details for others to follow.

    Curious to see how the first scene ties into the other two you've posted thus far. Definite overtones of conspiracy in there... just a question as to what larger purpose. Cool.

  3. I felt if the group could see their characters mingle in the story line that it would draw daily interest.

    Conspiracy and Imperials go hand and hand don't you think ?

  4. Joe this is the first time I've taken a look at this blog, and am into it!

    I haven't kept up with the Star Wars RPG (I have the 2nd edition book I'm sure it's been updated since then) but I'd definitely be into it.

    I used to play with a select group of friends but have often had trouble with other groups. Mostly because we always treated Role playing more as an exercise of group storytelling and not just goofing around. Whenever we played with other groups we always thought it was just too silly, our stories tended to be epic, dark, and dare I say "deep". Character stats and transitive crap like loot was tertiary to character development and plot as a whole.

    All that being said- I'd love to be in a gaming group like that again and it sounds like you're right up that alley!

  5. Wow I totally skimmed over the fact that you're using the 2nd edition book. Count me in!

  6. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the info. I figured this would be up your alley. A group of friends of mine are also looking into starting up a D&D 4th edition grp ..... would you be interested in that as well ? I am still looking into how to develop this blog SW group but you will be on the list for sure

  7. Steve,

    Don't forget to add yourself to the Imperial citizens (followers list) !!!

  8. I would absolutely be down! I don't have any of the D&D 4 stuff, but I'll pick up a player's handbook soon.

    I'm definitely more of a White Wolf kind of guy, but any RP is better than no RP :)

  9. I agree ..... and will add you to that grp list as well !!