Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deceit .... for the citizens benefit

"Thanks for your time major." The cameraman shouted to Kirl as he ran out of the room to get the deadline met.

Kirl walked over to his desk and sat down. Three terminals chugged along as a stream of current data was incoming from the data probes. One terminal was showing previously recorded data as one kept up with current incoming data. The last terminal was the one he focused on the most. This terminal was the death sentence for the system. The screen was the doomsday clock constantly updating with data from the other terminals. If Denophon only realized that time was not on their side.

Any citizen could look to the sky and notice a sun that once shined bright yellow gradually turn red. Anyone could walk the streets and not argue that fact. The most important debate was when would the sun supernova? At one time there were massive fleets set aside to help evacuate the planet. That was before the Rebellion. Rebellion fears have caused the Imperials to worry about larger concerns raging the galaxy. Ships have now been pressed into patrol details. Those ships that were not patrol worthy were moved or scrapped in fears in rebels using them as weapons or sabotaging shipping lanes. The politicians keep reminding the population that plans are set and all will be evacuated.  Only fools would believe that or one whom is too busy with other things to listen to such follies.

Kirl decided that the terminals were depressing and walked over to the beverage dispenser. Water or coffee seemed to be the only choices.  "Go with what the Imperial army marches on" Kirl chuckled to himself and hit the brew button.  It was gonna be a long shift.

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