Friday, June 19, 2009

*** Imperial News Network ***

*** Special Imperial News Bulletin ***

Imperial Scientists are working full speed to verify recent findings of Denophon's supposed supernova status. Probes have been sent to collect data on all aspects of the sun. Although it is well known that the sun has developed into the supernova, it is unclear on the specific date of nova.

Kirl Poutin, head science officer for the Imperial Navy stationed in Denophon had this to comment.

"We feel that the sun has definitely developed into a supernova status. At this time we are collecting data to verify time of possible supernova. I do not feel it will be any time soon. All citizens should relax and not change any daily schedules till we have complete information."

Future bulletins will be announced when any important information is found.

Remember to be ever vigilent and report any suspusious activity to your local Imperial Security office.

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